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The ArtSeelie Collective

Where the World & Art Play

ArtSeelie Collective: Welcome
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The Mission

Help Budding Artist Play with the World

The ArtSeelie Collective has developed a reputation as one of the top craftspeople in Orlando,FL and Akron,OH. They’ve been designing and creating high-quality pieces of art since 2000 and have had the pleasure and privilege of bringing visions into reality for a wide assortment of clients.

Now, They want to bestow the gift of opportunity onto budding artists that might not otherwise find themselves in situations or in front of people that can provide opportunities often taken for granted. These artists deserve a chance to thrive. The ArtSeelie Collective have a dream of providing that chance with your help.

They are constantly on the lookout for new inspirations and motivations. Take a look to get a good idea of what they have created and are dreaming up next. Please reach out if you are interested in working with them in some capacity.

ArtSeelie Collective: About
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